Marel Universal Terminals Class A



Marel Universal Terminals Class A (MSKA)

Universal Terminals are intended for connection of aluminium or copper conductors, both solid and stranded - round or sector and of cross section from 1,5 mm2 up to 240 mm2. They find application in a wide range of power distribution facilities, industrial and infrastructural facilities.

The advantages of Marel Universal Terminals Class A (MSKA) are the following:

  • Low transient resistance ( Ω ) which is a result of excellent electric conductivity of the aluminum alloy ( 35,5 x 106 S/m  )of which contact plates are made.
  • Contact plates are galvanic tin-plated ( Sn) and allow connection of aluminum and copper conductors regardless of humidity level in the environment.
  • Big permitted tightening force (Nm). Tightening force is achieved through socket set screws as the most reliable solution for obtaining a high quality pressure on the conductor.

Why Marel Universal Terminals Class A ?

Marel Universal Terminals Class A are tested and certified in accordance with the following standards: EN 61238-1, SRPS N.F 4 106, SRPS EN 60947-7. Heat cycle and short-circuit test are according to EN 61238-1 class A and since the connectors fulfill the requirements of this standard  they can be classified as class A. 

Marel Universal Terminals Class A are safe, easy to install and reliable connectors, capable of long-term exploitation in complex environment exposed to vibrations, big electric load, increased air humidity and temperature.

Connection is done with socket set screws.

Tightening force is marked on each connector.

The connectors have slits for markers.

Stripping length of the conductor which is placed into the connector’s body is marked on each connector.

Ingress Protection rating is IP20.  

The contact points of the connectors are protected with electrical contact grease.

The housing of the connector is made of flame retardant material UL 94 V-0. 

The inside grooves of the connector are toothed in order to ensure better contact.

The connectors are mounted on busbar / DIN rail TS 35.

The connectors are CE marked.


Comparative test:

Set consists of: Copper conductor 35mm2, terminal connector of another manufacturer, Aluminum conductor 35mm2, Marel Universal Terminal Class A, Copper conductor 50mm2. Electrical current through the set is 203A. Tightening force is10Nm on both connectors. The difference in temperature of tested connectors after 120 min andcurrent of 203A is 17.2oC which means that Marel Universal Terminal Class A is 37% less heated.

Less heating of MSKA in working conditions is a result of electric contact plates which are made of aluminum alloy that is a 30% better electric conductor than brass alloy as well as a result of galvanic tin-plated contact plates since tin has significantly less transient resistance than galvanic zinc-plating.





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