Anchor clamps as a reliable and permanent connection

Anchor clamps as a reliable and permanent connection

Anchor clamps as a reliable and permanent connection are used on low-voltage aerial bundled cables with or without neutral messenger and on telecommunications fiber-optic and coaxial cables. Their purpose is to tension the cable and, like an anchor or anchorage, fix the cable in one point with the possibility of a certain degree of cable deflection. Because of this way of functioning, they got the name anchor clamps. Sometimes, the term dead end clamps is also used. But considering that the term dead end clamps covers an even wider field of technical terms, I think that in our practice, that is, in the practice of manufacturers, linemen, supervisors, engineers and technicians who deal with low-voltage electrical and telecommunication insulated networks, the term anchor clamps is much better because it refers in the technical sense to a much narrower field of technical terms.

ADSS Fiber Optic Networks and Cables / Fast Internet

High-speed Internet connectivity has become one of the basic requirements of mankind in the developed world. Faster and stable connections are the basis for access to the media and digital space and they can be constructed through:

  • Wi-Fi repeaters that receive wireless signals;
  • Aerial fiber networks

3 reasons why insulated piercing connectors reduce transient resistance

Marel IPCs are used to take a tap connection and three main applications are listed below:

to connect two LV ABC main lines - type CDR

to connect a LV ABC main line to a service line of a household - type CBS

to connect a LV ABC main line to a tap line of street light - type CES

Importance of proper installation – example from everyday practice:

Important note - the connector with the blue shear-off nut is a Marel insulated piercing connector type CES, other equipment is of unknown origin. Location - Republic of Serbia. The phenomenon of incorrect installation most often comes from insufficient training of employees, excessive self-confidence acquired on the basis of practice that was not accompanied by the acquisition of new knowledge in the field of installation and development of modern equipment. Very often the practice that has been applied for years has been wrong and therefore the experiences gained in that way are wrong.

Low-voltage distribution network constructed with aluminum conductors steel reinforced (ACSR)

Nedostaci električnih nisko naponskih mreža napravljenih od neizolovanog AlČe užeta

Low-voltage distribution network constructed with aluminum conductors steel reinforced (ACSR) is an old technical solution for contructing power distribution networks. Its big disadvantage is the possibility that tree branches and vegetation, even in favourable weather conditions without wind, snow or rain, lead to short circuits and sparks on this type of power distribution network. Consumers who are supplied through these types of uninsulated networks are exposed to the danger of experiencing malfunction of electronic devices, unstable voltage and permanent damage of some electronic devices. These types of networks require a lot of periodic maintenance in terms of adjusting the height of plants and trees.



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